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We are currently breeding our high-quality Spotted Saddle Horse mares to the multi-world champion, speed racking stallion, The Gravedigger. Only one foal is born at the ranch each year, enabling us to give it our full attention. Therefore, by the time it is able to leave the ranch as a weanling, it is calm and friendly and trained to lead, tie, load, trim, longe, pony on the trails, and many other things. Contact us to make an appointment to view our herd of well-bred Spotted Saddle Horse mares, foals that we have decided to keep as our own, and foals that are available for sale (Gravedigger babies are in hot demand, so they go fast).


Our next Gravedigger foal, out of the well-bred Spotted Saddle Horse mare, Pusher's Hoodoo, is due in May 2018. This foal will be available for purchase and can leave the ranch in November 2018. We will post photos as soon as it is born.